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Fluorescent Differetial Display Service

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Complete automation in liquid dispensing using Beckman Biomek 2000 ensures high-throughput and reproducibility.

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Digital fluorescence laser scanning allows computerized data acquisition, analysis and storage.

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Reproducible and sensitive gene expression profiling by fluorescent differential display.
Discover the art of differential display with the experts who invented the proven technology. Since 1992, GenHunter has helped thousands of its customers in successfully identifying differentially expressed genes with our kits. Now, we are proud to extend our unsurpassed expertise in the state-of-the-art differential display technology by providing you with the most reliable gene expression profiling service, using completely automated, fluorescent differential display technology.

Just provide us with your RNA samples and we can do the rest - from removal of DNA contamination; to automated, reproducible, fluorescent differential display; and finally subcloning and sequencing your genes of interest (cloning and sequencing are additional charges).

We have several service options available:
FDD Preview Service: 4 primer combinations, minimal cost, 5% coverage
Comprehensive FDD Screening Services: 24, 72, 144, and 216 primer combination options are available; up to 95% coverage (with 216 primer combination option)

There are many reasons to take advantage of our FDD services including:
  • a quick, accurate, and systematic way to visualize gene expression differences in a system with a proven technology and the experience of DD experts
  • an evaluation of the DD method itself or a comparison to other competitive techniques such as microarray, subtractive hybridization, or SAGE
  • data and images that can be used in grant applications
  • more reliable and cost-effective than hiring a technician to work out the method.
We believe your investment in our FDD services will be rewarded with the discovery of genes of real interest to your project, as opposed to the possibly misleading information generated by DNA microarrays with which it is often hard to make sense of the data.

Differential display has already been proven to be the best method to discover new genes that are differentially expressed by the overwhelming number of publications using the technology. In fact, the number of publications using DD far exceed the number of publications using all other competitive methods combined (See numbers). In essence, researchers are able to find something significant enough to publish much more often with DD than with other techniques. We believe this is due to DD's simplicity, reproducibility, sensitivity, versatility, ability to detect novel genes, and cost-effectiveness.

An increasing number of clients are drawn to GenHunter's custom FDD services for many reasons. One is to count on a decade of experience and expertise of GenHunter in DD technology. Second is to compare DD data to their results from microarray studies, which can only sample known gene sequences and will usually generate hundreds of unconfirmed differences in gene expression. Third, for those who are working with biological systems where no arrays are currently available, DD is the obvious choice since the method is not species-specific. In fact, GenHunter has successfully completed comprehensive FDD custom services for diverse biological systems including bacterium, fungus, plant, chicken, livestock, mouse, rat, monkey and human. Additionally, GenHunter scientists maintain close contact with customers throughout the FDD service project, from experimental design and control setups, to each step of the FDD service, including quality control for RNA integrity, chromosomal DNA removal, RT and FDD PCR reaction setups in duplicate, and eventual digital FDD images and band selection. With GenHunter's completely streamlined FDD service, DD screening is no longer a guessing game. By letting GenHunter do all the work, customers can focus on the biology of the system under investigation and enjoy peace of mind, with high-quality results delivered in digital form within weeks. Furthermore, GenHunter guarantees the reproducibility of FDD since all reactions, from RT to DD-PCR, are completed in duplicate.

FDD Preview Service
FDD Preview Service of two RNA samples compared in duplicate with 4 primer combinations (digital image in grayscale)
FDD Preview Service

Experience the power of differential display in analyzing your RNA samples with minimal cost and peace of mind. All we need is your RNA and we do the rest.

Service includes:
  1. Removal of DNA contamination from RNA (20-50 µg of total RNA required).
  2. Check for RNA integrity and quantity.
  3. Reverse transcription of mRNA with a one-base anchored oligo-dT primer.
  4. Automated FDD reaction set-up in duplicate with a one-base anchored primer in combination with 4 arbitrary 13mers (by Biomek® 2000 robotic liquid dispensing workstation).
  5. 6% denaturing gel electrophoresis
  6. Digital fluorescent imaging with Hitachi FMBIO® II fluorescent laser scanner.
  7. Digital FDD images and detailed report provided.
  8. GenHunter will consult with the client on selection of bands for excision.
We can then excise, re-amplify, clone, and sequence any bands of interest based on pricing at the bottom of the page.

Cat. No.    Primer combinations / RNA    Estimated Coverage*    Cost / RNA
J101 4 5% $450

Only selected projects with proven integrity of the RNA samples will be accepted for any FDD service. Pre-application is required.

Comprehensive FDD Screening Services
The Comprehensive Services include all steps from the Preview Service. Additionally, reverse transcription can be done with all 3 one-base anchor primers and as many arbitrary primers as requested (see below).

We can do up to 216 primer combinations with 95% coverage of both known and unknown genes expressed in a cell!

Cat. No.    Primer combinations / RNA    Estimated Coverage*    Cost
J102 24 28% Inquire
J103 72 62% Inquire
J104 144 86% Inquire
J105 216 95% Inquire

*Estimated coverage of gene expression based on published calculation (Liang and Pardee, 1994, Methods Mol. Gen. 5:3).

Automated FDD Comprehensive Screening (Digital image in grayscale): Four RNA samples (before, and 6, 9, and 12 hours after a drug treatment) were compared with 1 anchor primer in combination with 24 arbitrary primers. These samples were then run on our massive 132-lane Horizontal Electrophoresis System.

For a better view of the image above, please click here for an enlarged image that can be printed.

Additional Downstream Options for Preview or Comprehensive Screening:

Option Cat. 1-5 6-10 >10 Cost per
cDNA re-amplification J201 $150 $125 $100 band
cDNA cloning J202 $150 $125 $100 cDNA
cDNA sequencing J203 $150 $125 $100 primer

Contact GenHunter for more information or Download the Application Form to apply for Service.

References of clients who have used our services (and agreed to be references) are available upon request.

At GenHunter, our mission is to assist you in finding the true differences in gene expression using differential display.
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