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Introducing our new Opaque Green & Opaque Silver PerfectWesterns
20% Off any Green (transparent or opaque) or Silver containers; Or get 1 Free with Order
Based on feedback from customers over the years, GenHunter has continued to expand our PerfectWestern product line.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day and our GenHunter green, we are officially introducing our new Opaque Green (& Opaque Silver) containers.

And until April 17th, we will offer:
  • 20% OFF ANY Green (or Silver) containers (transparent or the new opaque versions)
  • One FREE Green or Silver container with any product order over $50.
Opaque: We recently produced our most-popular "Medium" size in new Opaque Green and new Opaque Silver for light-sensitive applications including fluorescent Westerns. These conta...more

New GenHunter Agarose
(in Powder or Tablets)
Standard Molecular Biology Grade, LE type (Low EEO)
New Agarose
Stop paying so much for Agarose!

Features of GenHunter Agarose:
  • Highly purified, general purpose agarose for any application
  • DNase-, RNase-, Endonuclease-, & Protease-free
  • Low EEO (electroendosmosis) of ≤ 0.13 -mr means increased mobility, high resolution, less distortion, and shorter run times
  • Safer: Free of Organic Solvents
  • Easily soluble from powder or tablets
  • Excellent thermal stability & gel strength
  • Low background
  • Agarose available in 2 types:
    (25, 100, & 500 g sizes)
        Tablets (0.5 g each in 200 or 1000 tablet packs)
With tight budgets in these difficult economic times, every lab needs to be price conscious.

GenHunter Agarose Ordering Information:

Agarose Powder:
  25 g
    Cat. No. A0025   $35     Order A0025
  100 g   Cat. No. A0100   $95     Order A0100
  500 g   Cat. No. A0500   $220   Order A0500

Agarose Tablets (0.5 g each):
Pre-weighed tablets in easy blister packs.
No weighing, no mess = time saved!
Just let tablet(s) dissolve in buffer for 2 minutes, then heat as normal.

  100 g (200 tablets)     Cat. No. A7100   $120
      Order A7100 (200 tablets)
  500 g (1000 tablets)   Cat. No. A7500   $365
      Order A7500 (1000 tablets)


Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride (Cipro)
For efficient and rapid eradication of mycoplasma or bacterial contamination in cell culture
Cipro to kill Mycoplasma
Bacterial and mycoplasma contamination are major problems for cell culture in biomedical and biopharmaceutical research, with rates at 15-30%. There is no method for visual confirmation of mycoplasma and contamination can have disastrous effects on key characteristics and functions of cells, thus compromising any research done with them.

Cipro (ciprofloxacin hydrochloride) is the standard antibiotic for rapid and efficient decontamination of mycoplasma and most gram-positive bacterials in cell cultures.

GenHunter offers 99.5% pure Cipro in a ready-to-use 1000X Solution and powder form.

Eliminate mycoplasma in 2 weeks!
Lowest Prices Guaranteed.


 - Treatment of mycoplasma-infected cell lines
 - Decontamination of visible Pen-Strep resistant
 - Treatment of newly acquired cell lines as a
 - Use during all transfections to prevent
   contamination from plasmid

Purity: 99.5% pure

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